During the online registration process, first of all, you will be asked to fill in personal information. Then, you must indicate the event you choose (in the case of workshops, which one or which ones you will register for), the group to which you belong (the one that determines the amount to be paid), the method of payment and the type of receipt required The PUCP, by SUNAT Resolution, has been authorized to issue electronic receipts. The email that you enter will be used to send you the electronic voucher.

To learn more about the available payment methods, access the download files depending on the group in which you are located:

In the case of participants from the first two groups the voucher will be declared in Peru. In this case, the PUCP can issue two types of electronic receipts:

In the case of international participants, the voucher will be declared outside of Peru. The PUCP offers the option to select between two types of electronic vouchers:

After having paid the indicated rights, your status will immediately change from REGISTERED to MATRICULATED, a condition with which you will already have the right to collect credentials, materials, certificates, etc. It is suggested to participants that if they have any difficulties, send an email to eventos@pucp.edu.pe